Ed Beaudette | Chama, NM

A native Vermonter, Ed developed his interest in railroads as a child, experiencing the drama of steam railroading as he observed the parade of steam powered passenger and freight trains that climbed the ruling grade of the Central Vermont Railway that ran adjacent to the family farm. After college, Ed served as a Corps of Engineer Officer in the US Army. While stationed in Germany, he witnessed firsthand the final years of main line steam operation of the German Federal Railways. Returning to civilian life, Ed spent the next three decades in a variety of engineering, operations and project management roles for ExxonMobil. Through those years, he also served as director of a number of cultural non-profit and civic organizations in addition to serving as an elected school board member for twenty years. After retiring, Ed and wife, Lorraine, moved to Chama where he became involved with the C&TSRR as a spare brakeman. One thing led to another and he now works full time for the C&TSRR as Manager of Engineering and Operations. On rare occasions he still enjoys the chance to fill in as a conductor in train service. Ed holds a B.S. in Physics from Norwich University and a Masters in Engineering from Boston University. Besides his love for steam era railroading so magnificently preserved by the FRIENDS of the C&TSRR, other interests include classical music, fine arts and history as well as being a lifelong baseball fan of the Boston Red Sox.