Wayne spent most of his life in California and Nebraska but now resides in Firestone CO north of Denver. He has been an active member of the Friends since 2004 after he attended his first work session with the Mile Posts and Whistle Boards crew. It was love at first sight. Since then, he has regularly attended summer work sessions involving a variety of additional projects including tree and brush cutting, right-of-way work, trestle repairs at Cumbres Pass, Derrick OP rebuilding and other freight car restorations or conversions. Wayne was first elected to the Friends’ board in June 2019.

Wayne earned a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University, Long Beach and an MBA from UCLA. He spent most of his business career working for the Southern Pacific and later Union Pacific railroads in a variety of field operating positions and headquarters staff positions for the Mechanical and Operating Departments. In 2012 Wayne retired from the Union Pacific after 38 years of service. Until recently, he and his wife Edith continued living in the Omaha area while they were busy travelling visiting family, friends, and interesting locations around the world. In early 2020 they made the decision to relocate to Colorado to be closer to family, outdoor activities, and the Friends’ activities in Colorado Springs. In addition to volunteering with the Friends, Wayne also enjoys collecting and operating O-gauge and garden railroad trains.