In Memory of Tim “Shellback” Smith

We have just learned that Timothy L. Smith passed away March 24th, 2021. Tim has been a faithful volunteer both in the field and also here in the office for over 25 years years. Tim has been a chronicler extraordinaire. He attended and chronicled almost every work session up until the Covid shutdown. Beyond that, he came to the office and organized all of the Chronicle Books by Railroad Asset and created an index which can be used to find anything you are looking for in 2 minutes or less! Once that was complete, he volunteered to caption the photos in the Photo Gallery on our previous site. Then, he took on the task of cataloguing all of the Calendar Photos that have been submitted to us over the years. He has been trying to figure out how to digitize all of the Chronicle and Team Leader Reports and make them accessible. We so appreciated his joyful attitude every week when he came to the office. He was a delight to have around and will be missed dearly. He was known in the office as “Shellback” as a tribute to his Navy Corpsman days and his crossing the equator.