‘Thank You’ from Antonito Food Bank

Your donations to the Chama-Antonito Relief Fund are having a direct impact on those communities.  We are still accepting donations to assist this area that has been hit hard with the economic impact of Covid-19. 

Here is a note we received from the Antonito Food Bank:

Good morning Tim,

I wanted to give you an update on what we are doing. It has been a busy few weeks for our food bank. Since getting your generous donation we have purchased 400 lbs Hamburger meat, bread and eggs. We have also been offered a much bigger building in Antonito for the same rent. We are having to remodel the building as it has sat empty for many years. The owner has given my husband the money for all the materials and we are in the process of doing all the work ourselves. We are hoping to be moved into our new building the first of October. My husband and I would like to invite you to Antonito to take a look at the great things happening to our food bank. It is all because of generous donations from people and organizations such as Cumbres and Toltec and our local community.. Your donation to our Food Bank has helped to feed over 215 families, 80 children, and 40 senior citizens in just the past few weeks.. Great things are happening  and we are ever so grateful..Thank you so very much for helping us feed those who are in need. God Bless you and the entire Cumbres and Toltec.

Mike and Karen LaForest