We are Pleased to Announce Special Work Sessions!!!

Project 1005 at Cumbres!

June 1st thru July 19th (continuous) reconstruction of the Car Inspector’s House at Cumbres Section town (FRIENDS lunches not available).

In the fall of 2019 the foundation for the house was completed. During the winter months the plans for reconstruction were drawn to match the original construction in 1911, using full dimensional lumber.

This is a complete reconstruction using the “current day” structural design. Come spend a few days, weeks, or months, working on this project.

Project 1333 in Osier!

June 22nd thru June 26th (one week) continuation of a project started last year with widening of the railroad siding at Osier Section town. (lunches available)

In the fall of last year, the project began with removal of the south fence for stock pen #2. With the track relocation completed, the fence is ready to be reinstalled. In addition, part of this work is to improve access to the historic structures.

The railroad has installed a wood pedestrian crossing near the water tank and has excavated a pathway around the tank and to a road crossing just east of the Section House.

Fines will be installed on the new open area between the main and siding to allow a level walking area between tracks to the dining facility and south to the pathway crossing west of the dining facility. If fines are available, we will also surface the dirt pathway with fines.

Projects 1250, 1317, 0735 and 0736 in Antonito!

June 22nd thru June 26th (one week) all projects are located in Antonito at the Ed Lowrance Car Repair Facility. (lunches available)

Project 1250 – construction of a path from the railroad parking lot to the CRF facility. Crossings will be needed for three/four tracks passing west of the CRF turning east to meet up with the walkway at the n/w corner of the CRF. The 4’ wide path will be surfaced with rock fines as a paving.

Project 1317 – continuation of a rebuild on drop bottom gondola, car 731 which is nearing 80% completion.

Project 0735 – conduct a complete inspection of equipment to include structure of Pile Driver OB and make repairs needed in preparation for demonstration during the 19th century event in August.

Project 0736 – conduct a complete inspection of equipment to include structure of Derick OP and make repairs needed in preparation for demonstration during the 19th century event in August.

Project 1336

June 27th thru July 3rd (7 days)

The work is a continuation of the maintenance and repair of a Class 5 Cattle Car 5691 in the Chama yard (Friends Lunches not available)

The work includes major replacement of several vertical members to stabilize the car structure. Replacement of the entire roof structure is also necessary. New 1×6 T&G sheathing will be installed and after painting a metal roof overlay. When the metal roof is installed, it will be coated with elastomeric roof coating.

Note: All sessions shall abide by the State of Colorado issued guidelines for Covid-19. No group larger than 10 people shall assemble. Any individual outside their residence shall wear a face mask, appropriate gloves and maintain social distancing (minimum 6 feet).

If you are considering flying as part of you travel please be aware there is a mandatory 14 day quarantine if someone from out of state flies into New Mexico.